Thursday, February 08, 2007


i love uncertainty.

uncertainty is the thing that makes everything happen.

it is the creative drive. the anxiety. the real reason why.

when we are certain we become complacent and don`t need to try any longer.

most try to switch the uncertainty off and succeed.

but then what?

nothing further ventured.

nothing gained.

imagine if the people who built and the internet couldn`t be bothered to keep going until it was finished.

"it seemes like a good idea but who`s gonna want to sit home and type at a keyboard in the dark?"

we wouldn`t be doing this right now would we.

was it really uncertainty that built the internet?


layers and layers of uncertainty stacked up on eachother.

as soon a certainty hits then nothing more needs to be done and people lose interest.


JLee said...

nice post!

dr.alistair said...

i`m glad you like it.......

the uncertainty is jet fuel.

burn it.