Thursday, February 08, 2007


this one`s for jlee.

thanks to modern technology we don`t have to wait to get impatient anymore.

we used to have to wait for half an hour to get our t.v. dinner out of the it takes a few minutes to get impatient waiting for the microwave to cook the damn thing.

i have seen people standing in line at starbucks get so worked up that they actually leave the line.

you can see it brewing.

they start moving jerkily and breathing out their nose and looking at their watch.

then they start shuffling and looking this point they are still embarrassed to just walk out.

then it becomes too much. they notice that someone isn`t paying quickly enough or the staff are too slow, and bang, flashpoint, huge adrenalin dump, and they`re gone.

the begining of a rotten day.


i play over a led zeppelin riff in my head or imagine something fantastic like scoring a cracking goal in soccer or running as fast as i can until i can barely keep my feet on the ground.........

and then it`s my turn to get served.

i hate waiting, so why do it?


Hammer said...

I'm an impatient person but not if I'm waiting for a set time event.

If the person in front of me in the grocery store starts writing their check in calligraphy and balances the register before handing the payment to the cashier, I got a little antsy.

I'm high strung and do everything fast. Seems though, I get older and raise the kids patience slowly creeps up on me.

Anonymous said...

I am a little shit, I used to make those people wait longer. Me and my stupid, useless points to make. Or maybe I just like to antagonize...

BBC said...

Being as I live in a smallish town there isn't a lot of waiting most places. So you see, a lot of it is just in where you choose to live.

And I don't wait long for others, if they are not on time, I'm going on. It's not my problem if they can't plan their day properly.

In other words, God doesn't wait around for frigging monkeys while they are screwing around. :-)

dr.alistair said...

i am too important to me to get myself upset over the actions of others.

if i have to stand in a line to get something i need then i`m going to choose to make the experience as pleasurable as possible me and for whoever wants to engage me while we wait.

it`s just ego play.

there are those more evolved types who just accept that they can`t stand waiting and then fuck off before they get what it was they came for.

the constant cycle of self-manipulation becomes part of thier ongoing spiritual challenge.

you have to really plan to be disappointed.

and kids will test you.

i rented some kind of moster the other night and my boys were over.

the movie is a fascinating inside look at the dynamics of a major rock band.

my kids go bored half way through, so instead of getting pissy (well, i did a couple of times.....) we ended up playing x-box instead.

i will watch it again, but i made the decision to choose something we could all enjoy.....together.

and i had a better time as a result.

it`s all about me.

Jon said...

I constantly have songs running through my head. Haven't you noticed that thousand yard stare when you prattle on?

Did my picture post? Do I look like a guitar or is it just me?

Jon said...

Every time I screw up the word verification it gives me something even harder. WTF?

Some of the most brilliant, insightful comments lost forever because I can't tell the difference between p and q. It should come up with things I can spell, like nipples or boobies.

dr.alistair said...

no, it looks like a guitar.

the word verification thing is a game the a.i. plays with us.

they piss themselves digitally when we have to type in an even bigger string of letters.

google pavlov.......

you`ll see what i mean.