Friday, February 23, 2007


sometimes you just gotta laugh.


Hammer said...

I like the word scrotum. The word fits the anatomy very well.

If I wrote a children's book the passage would read:

"who had drunk half a gallon of jamaican piss rum listening to goddamn Johnny Cash all fucking morning in his piece of shit '62 Cadillac, then falling out of the car like a drunken bastard when he saw a fucking rattlesnake on the passenger seat biting his sombitch dog, Roy, on the mother fucking nutsack."

Lets see em ban that

BBC said...

The goody goody's think those words shouldn't be around.

That kids won't learn them on the street and playgrounds. Or in Church camp where my son learned "My peter's got a skeeter on it, whack it off".

And popped the cherry of one of the girls there. He, he, he.

I know that your mind is busy, but you post too damn much, you should try to keep it to just two posts a day. One is best.

dr.alistair said...

and kids would laugh.

i play a game with my boys whereby they can swear and yell and scream and kick and be a general fuckwit for a few minutes so they can get thier agression out and move on to the next thing.

the moralist will shudder at descriptions of such an approach to parenting.

but they want us to be afraid of words and tremble when they speak.

scrotum is a word that is in the dictionary sitting on the shelf of any grade school in america.

to raise a fuss about it`s appearance in a book for children suggests the educators inability to discuss things like that in a mature way.

"kids, the term refers to a dog`s balls."

and on to the next thing.

are people so niave to think that thier kids aren`t thinking about and saying things like this anyway?

yeah, they probably are.

and they wonder why they lose thier kids in thier teens.

i think the word was left in there to draw attention to the work.

good publicity.

if it gets banned or restricted there will be a delightfully newsworthy lawsuit and the book will sell as a result.

Hammer said...

When I was in school they banned huckleberry finn and catcher in the rye for "offensive content"

I complained to my teacher (old gray haired lady) that I wanted to do my report on the banned "catcher"
She pulled a copy out of her desk, handed it to me and said "fuck them"

dr.alistair said...

occasionally we are blessed with the permission to be ourselves.

this is true love.

i have been fortunate to have met a few unbound souls that have touched my life in a meaningful way.

she really said fuck it?

dr.alistair said...

bill, sorry about all the posts.

there will come a time when i won`t.

for now though, my mind surges and races along.

this blog has been good for that.

BBC said...

It's okay, I force myself not to do a dozen posts a day. Yet some days I get so frustrated with mankind that I just want to stop and ignore it all.

I'm not sure we will ever change anything this way.

But sometimes I sure like to bitch.


dr.alistair said...

right now there are few outlets for my creativity.....

i don`t see it as bitching so much as striking a resonant chord.

JLee said...

Hey, at least it's a medical term! I was watching a show with my daughter and they were talking about "balls" and I was just waiting for her to ask "what is that?" hehe

dr.alistair said...


that`s funny.

my youngest asks me questions occasionally. he`s seven.

his older brother just gets uncomfortable......

he`s going to be eleven this spring.

time for some`splaining...........before youtube does the job for me.

KB said...

Kids would LOVE that part of the book! It's the correct term at least!!

People will complain about anything....I think I like Hammer's version better though ;)

dr.alistair said...

kids are great. they love to be joyful and laugh.

some adults do too occasionally.........

people get drawn into bitterness and don`t know how to swim up and out back into the sunlight.

i am thankful that i have the ability to do that occasionally.

when i don`t forget.

my children remind me though....