Wednesday, February 14, 2007

it`s still snowing.

well, my plans have been dashed on the rocks. the snow has closed the city and my children are here as the schools are`s time to go for an adventure.

i was supposed to be in a meeting that has the potential to change my financial life this morning at ten.

i knew by about supper time last night that it wasn`t going to happen.

it can wait.

i am hoping to get flowers to my new old friend though. that would be nice.

pictures of the snow will be pending once the camera charges.......


BBC said...

I’m not going to assume that you can use any sense when it comes to women. But I don’t think you should give your new friend a dozen roses right now as that will set up an expected precedence for the future. It just teaches women to be needy that way.

I suggest that you just call her with Valentine wishes. And the next time you see her to give her one yellow rose as they indicate friendship. Or just jump in with both feet and screw it all up, it’s your party. He, he, he.

Brother, spending money on roses when you need money for other things?

*rolls eyes*

dr.alistair said...

oh no, what have i done........

fuck bill, are you psychic?

Jon said...

The word verification says it all.


A word for the wise.

barista grazioso said...

Uh Bill, how successful have you been at relationships? Thought so.

I think it's a nice gesture, Doc. If she's a good person, she's not going to have irresponsible expectations anyway. If nothing else, you're going to melt her heart.