Friday, February 09, 2007

covert messages.

i spoke recently about media and made some preliminary statements about what exactly it is and is not.

it is clear that media is just about anything that contains something else.............

like a human, for instance.

the major thinking of the sixties and seventies was that the media themselves were the message and that the content was meaningless.

so we went back to sleep.

there are so many levels to this analysis (bill....) that the discussion could go on forever never getting to the core of the point.

the message is so vitaly important as to be critical to our existance.

so what is the message?

well, it used to be fertility.

for centuries the media of the day was about virility and reproduction..........

even the religious icons contained virtually pornographic representations of phalluses.

i will be posting examples of these things in future posts.

the thing is these symbols were there in plain sight and became common parts of religious paraphenalia and yet people didn`t consciously percieve them.

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