Thursday, February 15, 2007

a definition of the term spiritual.

please, if you would be so kind, leave us with your definition of what it means to be spiritual.

and there are no wrong answers..........

`cause we`re all trying to find our way.


Hammer said...

Being spiitual is opening your mind to things higher than eating, sleeping and shitting.

science is spiritual, so is Yoga, meditation, music and art.

If one wants to look to a higher power and gain strength from it that can be spirirual too but it's becoming less and less that way.

JLee said...

An awareness or interest in things of spirit, or not of the physical world.

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kind of like "sci fi" right?

Anonymous said...


See if you can guess what I mean.

- Your favorite Barista

greg said...

Similar I suppose to the reply I made at another site, which posed the question "What is Magick?" - I say both are a deep connection to the truth ... and if it's not you're in a heap of trouble!

There's still more sorting out to do, as I affirm being spiritual affects the core center of my being, and connects to some ineffable source of life. Whether you and I share it, or the source is a personal deity, or if it's all free will, or some determinism in place, I can't figure it out!

BBC said...

Hey pal

I'm not putting a book in a blog comment box.

The short explanation is that when you see yourself as god in evolution, part of the spiritual ALL.

That is about as spiritual as you are going to be at this time in time and space.

HOW EVER..... If you go that route, don't expect many others to understand you anymore than they understand me.

I suggest that you just stick with being mortal. Especially if you want to get along with the women on this planet and get laid.

Yves said...

"What it means to be spiritual"? Like what it would mean if I said "she is spiritual, but he is not spiritual"? But that is a strange construction of language and I would never speak like that.

You cannot use "spiritual" without a recognition of "spirit". I believe you have to chuck out thousands of years of hearsay about spirit, from religion and elsewhere, and have some personal experience, which can then be further simplified and enriched by the removal of superstition and the embracing of scientific understanding.

What I think we then reach is an understanding that spirit is omnipresent. It is a realm of apprehending the material world. Everyone is spiritual, all the time. Everything - every rock - is spiritual all the time.

However it is possible not to be less tuned to spirit or more tuned to spirit.

In spirit, all are one. Violence of feeling, intent or action by one part of spirit against another part of spirit (if I may talk in such a manner) is contrary to spirit. Spiritual laws are not "thou shalt . . ." or "thou shalt not . . ." but more like the law of gravity, that is to say the spiritual laws describe how it actually is.

On this basis I would not agree with your statement "there are no wrong answers". Spirit is a certain way. However, I think by saying there are no wrong answers you mean that all our attempts to say something about spirit are welcome. And serve the cause of spirit, though we may stumble and go off-track in our pursuit of spirit.

It's a wonderful topic, thanks!

dr.alistair said...

yves, thanks for your insight into distinctions.

the rules of religion and dogma are precisely not spiritual, which goes back to my posting about about not being a christian.

those shalts and shalt nots are gamerules of a very contolling game.

bill, you are right about becoming invisible to the opposite sex when you discuss the essence of true spirit.

with most women it is either religion or ghosts and goblins, or witchcraft and crystal balls......

on the rare occasion that i find a woman on a spiritual path she is my mother`s age.

greg, i`m glad to hear that you percieve the sense of process in this.....because i don`t think our consciousness in the physical realm can get out of it`s own way......though we try so many ways and so many times.

and to compound things further we get glimmers of the other side occasionally.....

jlee, not of this physical world.


we cannot recieve any enlightenment from the new renovation project or big screen tv. or brand new car.

though the media tells you that`s what is going to happen.

hammer, chasing a higher power is like trying to catch your tail as you spin around.......

it`s inside us all.

and i think that my favorite barista summed it up........

like all human states, it`s not the attainment of the state, so much as what happens next.

otherwise we are just spinning round.

thank you all for posting.

together we grow.......

BBC said...

A lot of women think that they are some kind of Goddess. As in.... "Spoil me because I deserve it".

Never mind that many other parts of her are sitting under trees starving to death, she isn't about to send a check to try to help them because it is only all about her.

I get away from those kind fast. I listen to what they say, but I see what they do.

BBC said...

You academia (and I use that word with disgust at times) that keep harping that there are no wrong answers are wrong. There are many wrong answers. The world cannot be a peaceful place until the whole of mankind takes up the same collective thinking about what they are, and what their role is here.

College trained fools are just college trained fools. The same goes for many other so called teaching institutions. :-)

dr.alistair said...

i meant wrong in the sense that if we have to get it right before we open our mouths then we never say anything.....

and this is a discussion.

i know you disagree with some of my thinking, but it doesn`t stop me from writing.

though there are those that buy into the idea of right and wrong and just shut down.

and that`s not going to work, is it?