Friday, February 23, 2007

in the next few days...

in the next few days this blog will see it`s six thousandth visitor and ten thousandth page view, according to the shinystat plug-in that is represented by the map with all the red dots on it on the top left-hand side of the blog.

those red dots are you guys checking out the ups and downs of the hypgnosys experience.

i want to thank everyone who has visited here and returned to read further and comment, and of course those who just choose to read.

you have made this blogger`s life a richer experience by far.

so what have i learned from all this?

that humanity has a chance if we fight on a blog more often and less in the meat world.

i used to think that the blogger`s life was one of sitting in front of a screen in a dark room alone without actual personal contact.

now i`m convinced of the fact.

it takes real balls and a thick skin to deal with the fragility of the human condition face to face and i keep getting bloody noses as a result.

but i won`t ever stop the meat world adventures because i`m a stubborn prick with a mean streak that keeps me answering the bell......

but i`m seeing more and more positives in this form of stroking.

today i signed up for an on-line dating service called plenty of fish.

i never though i would and i never thought it would help me much.

thanks al.

i spent an hour there tonight looking at faces and reading profiles of people who are similar to me in many regards.

maybe i will contact one or two in the coming days.

but i noticed one thing that i wasn`t expecting.

the shit feelings that the week-end left me with have almost completely gone.

for that i`m so very grateful.


BBC said...

I used to do the Yahoo singles thing but gave up on it. I'm really not interested in trying to connect with someone unless they live in my area.

Yeah, it is fun to fight and argue on the net. Much better than using guns and bombs, leave that to the Christian's and other nuts.

I'll take our evolution and enlightenment this way.

dr.alistair said...

yup, my baptist buddy didn`t like my comparison between church and the courts.

he can piss off anyway trying to get me to work for free helping him to renovate his basement.