Saturday, February 10, 2007


yeah, good word.

in my exes defence though, she worked hard and made sure the kids were well looked after.

she still does.

what she doesn`t realise is that she`s crashed a part of her children`s lives that can`t be repaired.

and for what?

a pile of bricks and a bank account?

a fair portion of which she`s going to have to give her lawyers.

which i warned her about.

she said i was a liar.

she`s written a number of cheques so far and the big ones are coming

i told her that i would negotiate without the lawyers and she said i didn`t have a case, so not to waste my money.

yet here we are.

i said that the only ones who were lying (or not telling the whole truth....) were her lawyers, which has worked out considering where the judges actions have taken this so far.

so we wait until april and round three, wherin a judge makes a determination of a non-binding variety.

this gives both parties in the case a fair idea where the next judge, the one in civil trial, will go.

which is what i wanted to do a year a go.



good word.


Hammer said...

Happens way too often my friend.

Once the lawyers start their spiel.. women eat that shit up.

Frigging awful

barista grazioso said...

Hold up Hams my friend. I know you're generalizing, but sheesh ((hugs)). In my case, it was polar opposite. To this day, 13 years later, he feels "entitled", and I'm supposedly the cash-cow? Um, no. Lawyers suck, and are akin to vampires. They'll suck the life out of anyone.

Doc, I sure didn't mean to pluck a bug with that word :( I sincerely want to see you happy, and content, and your children to be as content as they can be as well. Hugs coming your way.....**barista**

dr.alistair said...


i am an analyst of human behaviours.

lawyers and exes are humans, as much as they do thier best to not be, and so they begin to behave in predictable ways over time.

they talk....she eats.


i told her that.

but she had fallen in love with her new knight in shining armour.

she`ll find out.

she`s playing a hard game of "scorned."

when i saw her body language with her lawyer in the courtroom i had to laugh.

silly bitch.

dr.alistair said...

barista....the word merely encapsulated the tone of the whole endevour. your care and concern has been evident from the start and i appreciate your comments.

a major part of my work is in using words, so when i hear the right one i focus on it.

i needed to see the entitlement perspective. the sheer cocky arrogance of someone supported by a narrow polarised view.

as my aunt kathleen would say.....

there`s going to be tears before bedtime.

Hammer said...

Barista: Yeah I guess I was generalizing, I've seen some horible stuff and was thinking back
to that when I made my comment.

I'm sure it works both ways.

dr.alistair said...

why wouldn`t it work both ways.....

all someone has to have is money and they instantly become prey to sharks.

barista grazioso said...

Hams - you know I adore you ((Hugs)). You're one of my fave guys and can do (almost) no wrong ;) But I do have to agree with you; most times it's the man who gets screwed to the wall in the most unpleasant of ways; the pocketbook. My ex just happened to get lucky. Plus, I can support my kids just fine, thankyouverymuch. It took years of busting ass to get here, but I don't feel that I owe him squat. Besides. He asked ME for the divorce, not the other way around. Idiot. Sorry for the jijack Doc. **sheepish**

Doc - if I've helped in even just a minute way, that makes me a happy girl. I don't like to see good people hurting, even though it's going to happen to everyone eventually. It's interesting but not surprising that she got suckered into some dependant feelings towards her "captor", as I like to think of lawyers. He's in a position of authority and maybe she needs to be told what to do at this time? He's her "savior", if you will. Your Aunt Kathleen is a wise woman. I have to remember that phrase.

dr.alistair said...

barista.....moral support is vital.

we starve spiritually without it.

eric berne says that it`s a spine lengthening process.


it`s all we`ve got.

hammer......we forget sometimes, in our pain, that there are others going through shit too.
men and women both.

this is a place where we can bang this stuff out and gain a different perspective on our own shit and that of others too.

this has kept me sane as a result.

my meat friends helped too......

barista grazioso said...

Okay - I have to ask.

What a meat friend? And am I going to regret asking that?

dr.alistair said...

skin bags.......those who we have contact with in the flesh.

i love your sense of the ironic.

you still haven`t asked about the handshake induction though......