Tuesday, February 27, 2007

waking up your spirit.

well, have you ever noticed that some moments are more real than others?

there are times when the colours are brighter and the sounds are clearer and things just feel better to the touch.....

and the coffee is particularly good.

and you can make clear decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

it is those moments when you are open to your divine spark.

the essence of being alive.

these moments are fleeting and rare and when they come it is a blessing.............

be ready when the next one comes.

prepare out of confidence and absolute certainty.

set a place at your table for the visit from the spirit.

and know that it is within you always.


renée said...

...you speak about inner peace?!

Hammer said...

I woke up this morning and said, this is going to be a great fucking day...something amazing and good is going to happen.

Not sure what it was but I'm sure it's one step closer.

BBC said...

It usually sneaks up behind me and baps me on the back of the head. Except for that little part of it that is always there buzzing in my ear. So to speak.

"what i meant was that i saw a dive in my hits when i got caught up with miss kiss-and-dash."

Ah, hits go up and down, readers come and go. I don't pay much attention to it all.

I have a few readers that have followed me for some time though. And a few that never comment.

If you want to build hits always stick with humor. Those blogs get a lot more hits.

BBC said...

And sometimes I get insulting. Fer a reason. It makes folks think deeper, not at first, but it sits there and grows in them and is born later. :-)

BBC said...

There is a madness to my methods.

He, he, he.

KB said...

Haven't thought of it in that way before....(I've heard lots of 'stoners' talk like that though!! hahaha)

I want MORE of those moments...and am sure they will come....=)

dr.alistair said...


yeah, our reality is a drug-induced phenominon.

th stoner is just tying to get there faster and more consistantly.

the drugs that do this are naturally occuring and are called neuro-transmitters.

we are actually in contol of the production of them but generally let outside stimulus run the show.

meditation and other forms of mental training like visualisation can allow neuro-transmitter response to be contolled at will.

i really should get back to writing more on this subject, but like everyone i get distracted by "reality".