Monday, February 05, 2007

why i`m not a christian.

bertrand russell wrote a book called why i`m not a christian.

it sat on my dad`s bookshelf looking at me for years.

i never did read it.

but it made me think.

here`s an eminent mathmatician/philosopher with a book title like that`s sitting on the bookshelf of a catholic mathmatician/philosopher who tries to instill catholic dogma in his son any chance he gets........

and yet, there`s the book.


if that thinking is good enough for some strident socialist blowhard, then maybe i can try it on for a bit.

eight year old`s logic.

now i know the reasons why i`m not a christian.

though i love family, property, community, the right to bear arms, and to militarily solve problems.

and that makes me not a canadian either.

so why am i not a christian?

i`m not guilty of any original sin.

i`m not personally responsibly for anyone else`s happiness, comfort, freedom or blah blah blah.

and jc? he died to put an end to the dogma.

it`s over.

but the bureaucrats reign supreme.

sorry, but i`m not going to carry that weight.


Hammer said...

I feel the same way. People have been trying to drag me down into their superstitions all my life.

I know how to be a a good person and I don't need a group of chanting bobbleheads to guarantee my place in the afterlife.

brandon said...

It is finished!!! Great thoughts Alistair.

dr.alistair said...

and you know what? religion isn`t about being a good person. we all do know how to do that already.

religion is about mind control.

BBC said...

Bertrand Russell was a very interesting person, I liked a lot of the things he said.

Ricardo said...

For Gods sakes Dr. you sound like a Bush supporter! I think I may be more Canadian than you ;-)

I left Christianity long ago for that reason and others. Wasn't feeling a connection. After some years of atheism, agnosticism, I settled into a spiritual niche that suited me well.

for those who think you need to have religion in order to be a good person, they're nuts. How many religious whack jobs are out there?

When I converted to Judaism, I really joined for the sense of community and the insistence to question the existence of a God and pretty much anything else. I get points off for accepting anything at face value. That system I can live with, although the faith does have it's flaws as well. But for all practical purposes, I'm still agnostic but pretty happy with the decision to be a Jew.

dr.alistair said...

you may be.

i`m english.

my family came here when i was young and i`ve been back and forth ever since.

my children are here so that`s why i stay at this point.

my qualifications and therapeutic experience would find me well recieved financally in britain as thier health care system is worse that canada`s and a larger majority of people seek treatments in "alternative" clinics.

with the social experimentation (taxation) and socialised medicine in full swing canada isn`t far behind in terms of healthcare but it will be a few years yet before the "arse goes right out of her" as the newfies say.

universal healthcare is one of the bright shiny things that american liberals are showing potential voters, so you guys can enjoy that soon too.

it will make hmos look like florence nightinggale......

jewish. cool. so they`re alright with the questioning god thingy then?

it`s funny how the gamerules differ between faiths.

a sense of community is important wherever you hang out.

mine is starbucks......and playing soccer......religiously.

the bike thing, while religious, is more zen and alone.........

there`s no way to pedal 100k thinking about each stroke.

Ricardo said...

Well I'm a Conservative Jew which is a notch down from Orthodox which I couldn't tolerate as they deal in absolutes. They're many atheist Jews in my congregation and my rabbi has no problem with it. He told mew right off the bat that believing in God is not required. It's a decision to make on your own. If God means some kind of life force or something to you, fine. Judaism is broken up into 2 parts, faith with God and such and the philosophical, practical every day stuff. They can be separated and you can do both or one. There is no issue with it. I was attracted to the ethical day to day stuff that we encounter in our lives. Very progressive stuff for something so old. Deals with the environment all the way up to cooking. they have everything covered. But there is no cut and dry answer. Ask a Rabbi is if a sin to do x,y and z and you'll get an answer of "It depends" instead of a "yes."

My other community is a good bar with the right people.

The US has it's issues with healthcare. It's there if you have the money, not if you don't. The idea of Universal medicine is noble but damn near impossible to pull off. Despite the flaws in the US, UK and Canada, we do all share around the same life expectancy so something good is happening everywhere.

If your English and feel this way, then you have to be a Tory for sure.

I do believe there are many beautiful women in London as well, correct?

dr.alistair said...

beautiful women in london?

oh yeah.

and english women want to mother you.

and not in a bad way either......

your rabbi sounds like an accepting sort.

Ricardo said...

Very open, my Rabbi. Good guy and a forward thinkier.

Really about the English women? That's all the healthcare I need! I'll be right over.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, english women are less um, materialistic, shall we say?

and the instinct just flows.......

you have to do your bit though.

so if you get told you are a very naughty boy, don`t take offence.

Ricardo said...

Are you serious? They're everything American women aren't. This is exactly what I've wanted!

I have to get over there! Dr.alistair the time to cross the pond has come. bad healthcare or not!

dr.alistair said...

we shouldn`t generalise, but the consumer society over here has got people doing credit checks on the first date.

i`ve been on a few recently and well, handsome or not, you`d better be um, ready to spend.

anyway. check the website out. it shed some light on things for me.

there are single women with money out there alo who are looking for companions also....i just frankly don`t have the energy for that shit.

well, not all the time........

Anonymous said...

He loves you all.

Anonymous said...

He loves you, personally - I will tell you that - as it is difficult for me to tell anyone who reads this. Truth is.