Saturday, February 24, 2007

this shit makes me smile.

kids will be kids.......

it wasn`t entirely the jews fault though.

the romans helped.

i`m still laughing.

as bill would say, silly monkeys.


BBC said...

Ah, just how do you view the Romans?

Do you understand for example that they relocated to and were reborn in America?

And that the Jesus they killed followed them here?

Yup, silly monkeys.

Hammer said...

Sheesh man these people are going to have to get over themselves.

I thought it was funny too, Wonder if I need sensitivity training?

dr.alistair said...

i read once that a philosopher believed that we were still living in rome around 35 ad. and that this is all an illusion.

sure. whay not?


we do need sensitivity training, otherwise we will always believe this sort of thing is funny.

when the laughing becomes a crime is when the trouble really starts.