Friday, July 28, 2006

belief vs. experience.

this is where it all began for me as a child. my mother was into yoga and astral travel and learning surrounding the idea that we are experiencing our lives directly until we fall down the rabbit-hole of belief. the beliefs that capture us are religious, philosophical, political, social, etc. the stable sameness mechanisms that hold us in irrational belief that things are a certain way.
jesus and mohammed and joseph smith and buddha and myself aren`t believers........we are experiencers. the experiences take a myriad of shapes and sizes. these experiences take on the shape of what we believe will happen. if you think that the world is surrounded by unseen evil then as you experience the more sensitive areas of your perceptive abilities you will find this unseen evil in the shape of demons, entities, aliens, goblins, ghosts and other denisens of the trditional judeo-christian hell and attendant sub-stations.
the minister and the priest are masters of telling adults tales to scare the shit out of keep them believing in only some things.
if you know with certainty that things are different, then you aren`t likely to be scared by a grown-up tale of the boogy-man.
we are conditioned from the time we were children to believe god is such-and-such and jesus was this or that and that heaven and hell are specific things that were agreed upon by committees of spiritually evolved people who could see beyond the veil so we have purgatory and limbo and sainthood and, well, you get the idea.........rules about things that are made up by committees.
this conditioning makes some fearful. this fear will manifest it`s self through your ability to create whatever your mind focusses on.
so stop the fear and create your own positive, loving existance and experience what the prophets have been offering all along.

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