Friday, July 28, 2006

divinity study.

i have occasion to discuss divinity and it`s religious studies with religious people. they immediately want to have thier religious views validated. i disappoint them as quickly as i can, not because i`m cruel, but because i want to get to the point without dogma and ground rules and biblical discussions filling up the air.
the point is that we are the ones having an experience here. to discuss the written experiences of others is like hearing the opinions of others about last nights concert in the park. i want to go to the park and hear the music for myself.
people are to ready to give up thier own potential to experience the divine, the miraculous and the holy in thier lives and would much rather live vicariously. i have never understood how people can while understanding the sufferng i have felt at the hands of teachers, my catholic father and sundry religious ministers and priests i`ve come into contact with over the years.
when people get the idea that you might be claiming divinity in yourself they become all manner of indignant and, i think, afraid..............but every now and then someone will look sideways at me and smile and i know that they`re saying "good for you". and that`s food enough for my soul to know that i`m on the right path.
and i`m heartened to know that some are ready to throw off sin consciousness like a rancid old coat that is no longer useful.

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