Friday, July 21, 2006

the mind of the body........

we store memories in our bodies. it is as if the cells and nerves and muscles make up a greater brain mass that the organ inside our skulls. there is a scientific bias that says that thinking and memory is stored in the grey matter of the brain but science it`s self has discovered the ability for heart and stomach structures to store memory also. why not the rest of the body.
in my work i show people how the shapes the body makes can release emotions into the consciousness. when we stand erect and proud we elicit the feelings that accompany such a pose. the hunching of the back and hanging of the head will allow a person to feel depressive feelings associated with that way of walking.
the mind and body work to feed feelings back to eachother and it is is useful to begin to practice what i call positive posture in sitting walking and in all of your daily activities.
notice the posture set of people around you. practice emulating the posture, facial expressions and movement style different people use and notice how different approaches make you feel.
do you notice differences?
the alexander method is a way of posture training that is designed to elict optimum learning, feelings and athleticism in in those who take it`s training. it was developed many years before nlp came along and yey agrees with the principles of the mind and body working in sympathy.

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