Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a world of words.

we live in a world created by words. these words are agreed upon by us to mean certain things and so the words have become meaningful because we agree as to what they mean. a sentence such as "the speed of light is a constant" is accepted and becomes part of the next series of ideas we begin to formulate.
heres another idea made of words. "all blondes are stupid". we react to this series of words in predictable ways.
but what if we are wrong about the meanings we give these words?
what if light doesn`t move in such a predictable way and what if all blondes aren`t stupid?
what happens then?
we are forced to start thinking again, aren`t we?
maybe it`s not so hard to make an honest buck after all and maybe dreams do come true and maybe, just maybe we can be happy for no reason............because why wait for a reason to be happy when it feels so good just to smile in the mirror and feel silly, for a minute, and then really feel good. permenantly. whenever you most need to.

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