Friday, July 28, 2006

what i`d love to see.

i would love to see science provide simple proof of species evolution, the type of process whereby one species becomes another over time.
science brings the odd dinosaur bone or pot shard or monkey skeleton that they say could be a proto-human and a few old guys in wool jackets with leather sleeves talk at length about things very few people understand and then one gets an award.
and nothing changes.
we don`t know any more about how humans got here than we did in newton`s time........or davinci`s.
though we`ve given these people some serious money in the meantime.
since i was a boy i`ve seen those charts of little mouse-like creatures becoming a horse, or humans emerging from the shores of a primordeal lake and i never bought it then and i certainly don`t buy it now some forty years later.
it just doesn`t make sense that a chimpanzee would leave the cover of the forest canopy with it`s family and friends and abundant food, shed it`s hair, change it`s dna, start walking upright and change it`s diet and hunting habits to eat meat and compete with big carnivorous predators in the grass one generation.
it would have to happen in one generation because otherwise they would all die from malnourishment or being eaten by thier competition; lions, tigers, etc.
bit of a puzzle, hmm?

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