Friday, July 28, 2006

tunnel realities.

robert anton wilson, that most iconoclastic of the iconoclasts, says that we live in a constant flow of tunnel-realities that shape our existance. these tunnel-realities are fluid and dynamic. they are beliefs, they are emotions and they are dogmas that we give power to so that we can exerience the world.
they are filters.
when something is filtered things are removed based on the nature of the filtering device. an old sock will drastically change the bouquet of a glass of drinking water much the same way as believing in witches changed the state of mind of some in salem massechusetts some years ago.
as we realise that we choose to apply filters to our lives we can begin to change the filters...........if we want to see different vistas.


Yves said...

I cannot understand why you give R A Wilson the time of day. The first thing I read on his website is that he favours assassination as opposed to war. Is it him or is it the USA that has no respect whatsoever for law? Perhaps in America law is merely a flexible concept that makes a lot of money for the ambitious practitioner, and provides a means for the rich and powerful client to stay that way.

To the rest of the world, however, law is the means to justice and an ordered society.

Perhaps in your Canadian world, a little closer to the mad ranting of the US than mine, Wilson seems sane, but this shows how wide the Atlantic has sadly become.

Yves said...

Further to my last, it is dawning on me that RA Wilson may have written with satirical intent, just as Swift wrote a tract urging people that there was no excuse for starvation because they could eat babies.

Excuse my previous outraged rant.

dr.alistair said...

raw will be the first to point out the concept of tunnel realities. two of which you have managed to exist in for brief periods.
regarding assassination vs. war, which is the human terms?

Yves said...

You have asked a very interesting question, Alistair. Since I am no celebrity, nor a politician, I can afford to give an honest answer. I believe assassination to be a survival strategy of last resort for the poor and oppressed.

War is such a filthy thing in any event that in no circumstance should it be waged outside international law, however imperfect that law may be.

I don't understand the concept of tunnel realities. Would you explain them?