Saturday, July 22, 2006

open your heart.

how do you open your heart?
by saying the word love as much as you can.
right now.
and again.
your chest starts to rise and feelings travel around your body in slightly different ways. you may feel constrictions, or movements at points in your spine or your throat or your forehead or across your arms andlegs or the very top of your head. allow these new sensations to rise and fall naturally as you speak, think or write or type the word love over and over.
when i first did this some years ago i felt a tightening of my throat initially and as i persisted tears came to my eyes and a million thoughts of regrets over times when i hadn`t said the word before, bcause of the constriction in my throat and the fear of the tears in my eyes out of some irrational embarrassment that i felt.
i am through that now thankfully and i realise looking back how that blocked my ability to open up in the world and be who i wanted to be.
is the word love a magical word?
yes........because we give it that meaning. it`s the one we use to describe feelings that we get out of love. and it`s the one we use to create the magic.
go ahead, be a magician.

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