Sunday, July 16, 2006

looking for love?

here`s a message for those of you looking for love in that perfect someone........
they don`t exist.
if you cannot find a perfect love inside for yourself then you won`t attract that in another person. we set up frequencies inside ourselves. we hum and crackle and buzz with energy of spirit and of thought and all the jumble of everything that is going on in our lives from moment to moment and we find that over time we attract those people that have similar issues occuring in thier lives. this is no mystery to anyone with a passing interest in physics. in physical terms it is called sympathetic resonance. things that vibrate at the same frequency are sympathetic and can flow together. musical instruments are a classic example of this. two instruments vibrating at the same frequency will just fit together sound wise, whereas two instruments of different frequency will clash and create noise. there are special cases where different frequencies create harmony but that is a done deliberately and creates a third pleasant sound which is known as a harmonic.
so where does this leave us?
become the resonant instrument...............send out vibrations of love. meditate, pray, dream, focus, visualise, write, paint, create music, sculture, plant flowers, ride your bike, make a meal..........all in deep love with yourself.
you know how.
you may feel hesitant.
you may hear a voice in your head saying "how foolish is that to love yourself...."
but that`s a criticism and we are past doing that to ourselves now.
this is time for serious love.
powerful love.
resonant love.
those negative voices are doomed to silence now because you tell them to shut up.............and they do.
funny how that works.

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