Tuesday, July 18, 2006

heart vs. mind.

when we speak from our mind we are factual, consise, precise, accurate, referential and so on. our minds are filled with knowledge and by definition knowledge is that which is known. that which is common and most of which is of little use. research will find facts and the how tos and the laws and regulations but little of real interest to those after what lies beneath the surface. research is exactly that re-searching that which has already been found, filtered and approved.
when we speak from the heart we begin to tell the truth. the thing that nietzche warned about not finding too soon............until we are ready.
the heart knows all that is going on. it knows that most of everything is bullshit in ever increasing piles. the heart knows that we need to let this all go and move toward real answers.
so get over being factually right and researching data and measuring things more and more accurately...............you`ll just get tired.
let your heart be your guide to your voice.........and speak up about what you feel.
you`ll be suprised what comes out of your mouth.

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