Tuesday, July 18, 2006


i get these crazy ideas occasionally, about the wonderful feelings i get when thinking about being alive and involved in the miraculous things that go on around us all the time. i get physically and spiritually high thinking about things, so much so that i make it my work to tell others about my experiences and how they can too. it is this form of thinking that i am seeing in the conversations of people like ram dass and terence mckenna and the dalai lama and alan watt and the like. these people have a scolarship that i could never attain and yet we are talking about the same experiences......
it makes me feel as if i have my feet on the same path and so i will continue to feel less self conscious about talking about simple joy and i will dare to take some bolder steps in the coming few months to catch some new ears.


Allison said...

Right on alistair. I know that of which you speak. Reading all your post following this one, the new focus shows, and I'm enjoying it.

dr.alistair said...

thanks for your observation. it is a funny feeling posting onto the screen at times and not getting responses but i know that some are reading.......well, it just encourages me to get going.
y`know, it`s funny, i used to get really concerned when people would get ratty in forums about whatever they disagreed with in my postings but i`ve learned to trust in whatever that inner voice is saying........and repeat the words as best i can.