Monday, July 03, 2006

the world we create in our minds.

when we think of something that makes us uncomfortable, what has really happened?
we go inside and see pictures and we hear voices and sounds and then we get feelings that make us react.
did the things we thought about actually occur right then?
so why did we get the uncomfortable feelings?
our minds are capable of creating chemicals in our brains called neuro-transmitter peptides. these chemicals stimulate glands in our bodies to make us feel things so that we can act on our thoughts.
if i say lemon to you now, you will eventally salivate thinking about the juicy yellow fruit.
if i say snow capped mountain you go inside and build a model of a mountain covered in snow and if you work the image enough you will actually feel the cold wind on your face.
the study of this process is a big part of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming.) which builds models of how each of us does our reality in our minds by seeing images and hearing sounds inside. we also smell smells and taste tastes too. the end result is that we have feelings as a response that become our reality.
the formula is simple and direct.
good images in the mind=good reality.
when you control the imagination you control your reality.
the negative imagery we carry around that sneaks up and ruins our morning can be controlled by seeing how we get to the bad feeling.
we`ll discuss this next.

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