Thursday, July 13, 2006

more about love.

it is our nature to be in love. i am realising that the modern person is somehow blocked from his natural place as part of everything in so many ways. love is a part of what we are deprived of all the time.
forgiveness is a big part of this barrier. the traditional judeo-christian view of things is that we are responsible for everyone else and everyone else`s state of mind. we cannot offend, insult, slander, libel, confuse, challenge, disagree with or otherwise be at odds with anyone else for fear of some dreadful outcome the likes of which is never made clear.
it is o.k. to be that way with yourself though...........according to the j-c bunch.
so we are taught to love, forgive, help, understand and support others and give to charities until we are "good".
but what about the self?
why not forgive, understand, love, support and give charity to the self, with the understanding that everyone else is doing the same?
well, because then there would be no need for a church, most of government and all of the military.
but that doesn`t mean that some of us can`t just forgive, love, support and generally treat ourselves in a caring fashion anyway...............if we want to.

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