Monday, July 31, 2006


one of my favorite subjects is ufos. not because i think they are alien space craft, because i don`t know what they are. my fascination is in how millions of people report this phenomenon in hundreds of different ways. specifically lights in the sky are reported as points, globs and orbs that do impossible things and swoop down and shoot off and defy known physical laws. some see metallic objects and large wings, some of which are miles across. a classic example of this is the phoenix lights case that can be googled, revealing a vast event witnessed by thousands of people in a major metropolitan area in the u.s. and captured on hundreds of video cameras.
we are past evidence and witnesses into a state of stress whereby we are ridiculed for what we are plainly seeing. we are ridiculed by government, science and by the religious for fear that something greater than thier control is emerging into our consciousness.
we need to stop calling them ufos. the term is the single most recogniseable acronym in common usage followed by fbi, cia etc...........
the term ufo has gravitated into a word that elicits laughter in general conversation and effectively censors the issue completely.
researchers such as steven basset and victor vigiani of the disclosure project have suggested using a term such as unidentified arial phenomina, or uap for short, to semantically rejoin the debate and slip away from the derision in the media so that we can inquire and investigate this phenomenon again and get answers.
the human condition is so fragile that the mere association with a term with ridicule blinds us from critical thought about it.
we need to stop thinking george bush is an idiot too..........


rama said...

Hullo Doc, I sent you an email which bounced. I wrote: You must try to get and read the work "The Path of Purification", by Buddhaghosa, one of the key texts on the Buddha's teaching. This is published and distributed free by Buddhist missionaries. Its based on the Buddha's teachings, about looking into oneself and observing everthing happening within ourselves, in body and mind, and how conditioning works, how our nerves and muscles are subject to this, and how we can re-engineer ourselves, in awareness, for a different life, on different assumptions and goals.

(I'm not a commission agent for Buddhists! This work - belongs to humanity, and its everyone's right to claim their own heritage!)



dr.alistair said...

thanks brother. my e-mail is shut down along with my site,, as i`m restructuring my business. i will look for the publication "the path of purification". we sit at the bottom of a well with chrstian dogma poured down on our heads. my journey is to climb out of the well........and tell others too.

Rand said...

Sounds like a journey worth taking. I admit when I saw (in your profile) that you were working on a doctorate in divinity, I immediately envisioned the opposite. That perhaps you were embracing dogma. What a surprise!

dr.alistair said...

well, i`m full of surprises. my doctorate is from the university of arizona at sedona and is a metphysical degree dealing in personal divinity. it allows me the doctoral creditation without adhering to the traditional dogmas.
my life has ben dedicated to unbinding myself from the restrictions put on us all out of fear........and now i`m helping others.