Friday, July 28, 2006


have you people read the bible? you religious people who go to church on sunday dressed in your best and singing the loudest and shaking the minster`s hand the hardest and walking the tallest back to your car across the church parking lot, i`m asking you hear the words of jesus when he said that he came to say the time had come to be free of the rules of men?
it`s over people. go home. there`s no more to see. the crucifiction is over. stop retrying and crucifying him over and over. he wasn`t a christian. he didn`t carry and quote the bible because it hadn`t been written yet.
the kingdom of the lord is with you and me and everyone else here alive on earth now and everyone else who ever did live. yet we buy into the game rules of a religion run by people who claim to be the ones who can speak to god and you and i can`t...............
well, fuck off. i hear and see and feel just the same as the priest or the minister or the bishop but i`m not going to bullshit people into submission so i can get money to build more churches to sell more bullshit belief.
jesus got in trouble for that but they don`t tack people to trees much anymore..................thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Now, you're talking. Why do you still think Jesus was right. Jesus suffered from megalonmania. Why? He believed all this crap the cult he was a member of brainwashed him to believe. This is what happens to Christians who become insane. They become megalomaniacal. Because of stupid beliefs. Even a ten year old kid won't believe this things.

dr.alistair said...

i think the core of what he talked about was seductively right. i feel it in me too. it does have the potential to become megalamaniacal, and that`s a dangerous thing. people are blowing eachother to hell because of it right now with rockets and jets and bombs.

Anonymous said...

you are entitled to your own opinion