Wednesday, July 26, 2006

today i took my own advice.

i rattle on at length about the deepest of metaphysical states, through thick and thin. i`m sort of a spiritual rambo in that i go ahead and choose to pump up the good feelings and laugh and joke even though i`m outnumbered. but today...........well, today was different. there were no adversaries and even though nothing on the surface had changed, underneath it all something greater is finally coming to the surface. it still hasn`t become clear in my mind, i don`t see any pictures yet, but the feeling is stronger than it`s ever been. i allowed the feelings of love to rise and wash over me and everything i saw reflected that back like it had never happened before.
i`m going to do it again tommorow.


rama said...

Hullo Doc, thanks for your message! We share MUCH in common. I look forward to knowing you more! Best, rama

dr.alistair said...

it is the sharing that makes this life so special.......cheers.