Friday, July 21, 2006

morbid curiousity vs. spiritual developement.

i have noticed that there is a tendancy amongst some in the spiritual community to step out of character somewhat over certain issues in the media and while i`m not going to get into specifics, suffice it to say that i think you can imagine which issues i`m refering to.
the question i have to ask is why, when we are trying to find a spiritual center, do some obsess on issues of politics and business?
it seems to me to be at odds with what a relationship with spirit is all about. my view is that enlightenment is about transcendance, not decending into endless loops of arguement and pain. that`s the realm of anger and resentment........a guaranteed trap for the soul. yet i see many in the spiritual community constantly pushing political hot buttons, and i don`t mean to single buddhists out, but they seem to be some of the most prone to getting into this trap. maybe because of the dalia lama`s politicising the faith?

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Yves said...

I hadn't noticed the Dalai Lama at this game, but I know what you mean and I could name names but won't. Thing is, weare all connected with that realm of spirit and none of us has severed the umbilical cord that connects us with our narrow perspective, prejudiced inevitably by our limited life-experience. Let us not expect more.

Let's not be elitist about this Dr A. Everyone has a relationship with spirit and no one is much ahead of anyone else.

The Dalai Lama is just another bloke like you and me. So is every other guru, holy man, incarnate saint etc.