Sunday, July 02, 2006

more on epithets.

you will notice a commonality amongst those who wish to control the actions of others, whether it be by word, deed or otherwise. these people tend to be those who wish to attain a moral high ground.
why do they do this?
a number of reasons, the greatest of which i believe is intellectual laziness. there are generally issues of co-dependancy and control in thier family and social environments also (notice i didn`t say church........) which don`t help to allow them intellectual flexibility.
the moralists want you and i to conform to whichever set of rules they`ve arbitrarily devised or adopted. it makes me wonder what special privelige they`ve earned to appoint themselves dictator.
when we look at the soft underbelly of these technocrats we generally find a humourless fearful person with anxiety about the simplest things.
the common term for people like this is neurotic.
the shame of this behaviour is that it has taken the place of competance in most management and government hierarchies.
the bureaucrat loves nothing more than another policy meeting or amendments to the existing rules.
my rules are;
1) think for yourself.
2) say what you will, and be prepared to live and die by the words you use.
3) repeat when necessary.

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