Saturday, July 29, 2006

stay with me on this one.

o.k. so we are taught to hold on too tightly to our bodies by literalising the type of terms our caregivers used around us a young children. get a grip, or pull yourself together...........interesting instructions to give a child. how would an adult know any different though?
we grip everything tightly now and our bowel is no exception. the waste we eliminate is held until the very last minute in this constriction we call existance. i have thought long and hard as to why we associate money with this waste that we retain so forcefully. is it our judeo-christian indoctrination that calls money filthy and dirty and evil........not unlike that solid eliminative we refered to earlier, or is it something else that has slipped under the radar? and how do we associate the two.
getting one`s shit together. interesting.
i just had to get that out.


rama said...

Thanks for expressing this. We all have to see through all the conditioning our minds and bodies have been subject to from infancy, and reach to the primary impulses which we can then view and address as thinking, aware adults. The fear of falling down - after beginning to stand up, and walk - or the fear of emptying one's bowels... All these ensure that we carry all kinds of unnecessary muscular tensions, which do us no good at all. Loosen up! Best, rama

dr.alistair said...

it seems that this irrational tension is a state that some find usefull in us.........the tension in the middle-east as a political example that i see as stemming, in some part, from our early childhood conditioning. we simply just cannot let go.