Monday, July 17, 2006


if you`ve ever wondered why some people are so cranky the link above will take you to a talk by terence mckenna about how our time is eccelerating in ever increasing waves of compression. we are repeating epochs of time in shorter and shorter periods.
it is the nature of retentives to try to keep things in controlable states, and as things speed up anyone attached to things staying the same will become increasingly stressed as we inventory things more and more quickly.
letting go is the only recourse for our sanity as computers get faster and lives get more hectic and values change and governments and religions winch up the tension on social control.............
we look to the media for meaning in all this and they keep feeding the same old line that science and government has everything under control when it`s obvious that things are absolutely out of control.
so stop thinking control is the answer.
it`ll be easier on you as things progress.

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