Saturday, July 08, 2006


the more i write the more i realise that guilt is the binding force that limits our ability to be intellectually and spiritually and physically free. when we feel guilty we then do things that we wouldn`t normally be happy to do. all of the co-dependant and controlling games that go on are driven by guilt.
where does this guilt come from?
the church and the state.
the blogs and sites i visit are all talking about the practices that need to be adhered to so that one can attain states of enlightenment and spirituality and yet people return to the same behaviours in relationships and in making decisions that make them feel badly.
why is that happening?
because we are still negotiating with a repressive culture driven by the media that pumps guilt and pleasure at us 24 hours a day.
we don`t realise that it`s occuring all around us all the time while we watch t.v. or read the newspaper but we are being brought back into the fold by the trance of bright shiny images.
look away more.
turn off the t.v.
stop reading the bloody newspaper.

if something really important is happening your niegbour will knock on your door and tell you.

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