Saturday, July 22, 2006

my values.

my top ten values.

1) creating good feelings. it`s what everything else rests on.
2) community. we can`t do it alone.
3) saying what i feel. not being able to express myself is death.
4) my children. they are still reliant on me for spirit.
5) wanting to add something of meaning in the world.
6) health, fitness, physical strength and capability.
5) creativity in music, art and writing.
6) finding some answers to how to live life meaningfully.
7) being able to be free of dogma.
8) wanting to feel like i have something important to say......maybe vital.
9) my personal confidence. i guess it`s not higher on the list because i`m confident of it`s permanence.
10) being able to say the word love.

interestingly, as i read the list, i can see the values shifting position and it doesn`t mean that #10 couldn`t be #1 sometimes, but i need to be around people who feel this stuff at the core.
i did this with a person i cared about once and she laughed and said i made those values up or read them in a book.
her values were something like mortgage paid off, trips to mexico and house parties and winning the lottery and working less.(sigh.)
i didn`t make any of that stuff up, it`s all from deep within my heart, and it leads me to the next step on this path of discovery.


Rand said...

Some of your values are about doing, some are about having, and others are about being. It might be useful to break your values out by these categories as you explore further.

dr.alistair said...

rand, that is a most intriguing perspective and you are correct in your observation. it is something i`m going to explore further.
thank you.

Yves said...

I liked the values. I would not propose that you analyse them though

dr.alistair said...

thank you. i have made a life of substance professionally by analysing and i have to resist the urge and be more at one with the enjoyment of things. i have so many memories of times of absolute joy that i`ve been awake in to really know what you mean.