Monday, July 03, 2006

things we aren`t allowed to say or think or do.

so much of my work is in helping people dealing with anxiety. this anxiety is, in my view, installed as a way to control our behaviour from an early age. certainly, when we are young, we need to have some restrictions applied to our behaviour for obvious reasons. as we get older there is never a time, it seems, when the process is reversed.
in the last posts we have seen where our language has been controlled. some words are forbidden and entire concepts are edited out by religion and science. there is a constant struggle in the media, the church and the classroom and even in the living room of your own home, to control our reality through language and thought.
this process leaves us stressed by not having the permission to say what we need to say about so many things......................
yet life goes on from day to day and our experiences and thoughts and questions go unanswered and unvalidated.
it`s time to speak up.
when you do, the anxiety diminishes.

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