Monday, July 03, 2006

how we get ourselves in a bad mood.

computer software works by building command chains that say; if this happens, do this. simple programs may contain one or two operations. more complex programs may contain millions.
one such program contains billions.
it`s called consciousness.
consciousness is made up of if/then programs that we refer to as pre-suppositions.
we pre-suppose that if a dog is snarling then he could bite. if we want to avoid that bite we back of.
if(snarl) / then(back off)
unfortunately some of the programming of the software we know as consciousness isn`t done very well. i`m not going to get into the whys and werefores of that here but it think we can all agree that this is true.
i had a client recently who thought she was addicted to fast food.
she worked from home and did a few hours of work and then had to rush out and go to burger king.
the hypnotist would then put the client into a suggestable trance and tell them not to go to burger king right?
well, no. i am trained to investigate these kind of situations further.
why doesn`t this bright middle-aged woman eat at home?
i asked her this question. the answer will surprise you.
she hated her mother.
she hated her mother`s messy kitchen so much that she vowed to never have a messy kitchen in her own home.
so she didn`t have one thing in her when she got hungry working at home she had to go to the quickest place she could to eat.
this woman would go inside her head and have arguements with her mother. imaginary arguements with a woman who had been dead for years......and then feel terrible about it for hours.
i asked her if she thought this was a good thing to do for herself each day.
she said no.
i asked her to get some food in her kitchen and work on minimising the imaginary arguements in her mind by telling the thoughts and images to shut the fuck many times as necessary until the thoughts dissipated.
she laughed.
the thoughts went away.
she laughed when she said shut the fuck up over and over until the thoughts went away and she could eat in her home where she worked.
i like my job a lot.

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