Tuesday, July 25, 2006

right in the eye.

do you greet people with a smile? do you offer your hand with firm confidence and look them in the eye?
i do.
because when you do these things with warm understanding and openness and hold a person`s gaze for a moment or two they begin to see you as a real person standing before them and this wakes up thier humanity in like measure.
try this the next time you buy coffee or get on the bus or are introduced to someone new. look right into thier eyes as you speak and smile and they will too. take the opportunity to do this for brief moments with everyone you meet. you will find people will respond to you, know you and remember you like you love yourself.
because you do love yourself. you always have. and you want to recognise that love in others. now you know how to do that...........by simply looking into thier eyes like they have always wanted you too.
it is the loving opposite of being ignored.
being validated.


Yves said...

Sorry to introduce myself with a disagreement but I beg to differ, dear Doctor. When someone behaves in this way to me, I sense immediately it's a deliberate and unnatural ploy, which they may have picked up through NLP.

I prefer people who are unself-consciously natural even when they are gruff or unfriendly. They are less likely to be fake or fraudulent.

dr.alistair said...

you are assuming that all of my character in my posting is borne entirely through nlp...........that my birth, my childhood, my loves, my disappointments, tragedies, victories, insights, epiphanies and joy all added nothing, yet some mere training........a reminder of things.......is responsible for my work.