Monday, July 03, 2006

word games.

in the above article we see people using the wording of a problem to try to perpetuate it by lessening the impact of the name for the problem.
we can`t yell fire! anymore in case someone is offended. people will just have to get burned.
the political correctness movement is one of linguistics and noam chomskey knows all too well being a professor of linguistics, though he would rather you see him as an expert of foriegn policy and diplomacy. the political correctness movement is basically another way to control thinking dressed up as the "right" way to do things.
we cannot for instacne kiss a girl without express verbal consent. has that ever happened in any of your experiences?
i didn`t think so.
in nlp we call that a pattern interupt. guaranteed to ruin a special moment.
o.k. so what is going on here?
the big picture;
an attack on traditional values from all sides.
we cannot say, act and think in ways that would potentially offend even the smallest minority of people in any way.
it grinds acting, thinking and speaking down into a semantic world that only a small elite group has any discression over.
welcome to 1984.

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