Saturday, July 22, 2006

struck by lightning.

daniel pinchbeck, in his discussion of shamanism, feels that to be struck by lighning has the potential to create the state of being a shaman, if one survives..........i have never physically been struck by lightning but on several occasions felt or otherwise experienced a coming in of energy from outside myself and on one specific occasion a bolt of energy hit me, pinning me down in my bed.
do these things make one a shaman?
not necessarily........but in my case the bolt of energy i believe was the begining of something that i`m now in the middle of that allows me to go to the edge of our reality and come back with answers to things that i have no rational idea how to describe.
i have learned not to rationalise the process and i believe that the answers lie outside of language in a state of something that we pull down into our reality. sort of a collapsing of potential from the unknown to the known..........our 3 dimentional world with time creating movement. or something like.


Yves said...

Well done for not rationalising. Things happen and we can just dig them.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, you bet.