Wednesday, July 12, 2006

once again...............

once again i fell in love with my life. it happens quite frequently actually. i am just minding my own business just going through the motions and then the sheer joy and wonder of it all comes bursting through.
don`t you ever feel that way, even for a second?
i was walking over the bridge at the dufferin gate in toronto the other afternoon right after a thunder storm and i looked across the city into the sky where the clouds were still roiling in the air, heavy with rain and the sheer magnificence of all of what i was looking at just moved me to wonder. it was as if a living thing was looming above the city ready to descend at any moment. i was captivated in the sheer scope and power of what was passing above my head.
i could feel the energy in the sky surging through my soul.
i am part of all of that.


anu said...

I like this post very much

dr.alistair said...

thanks for recognising that anu. sometimes i feel that the world has gone cold to the wonders around us. it` nice to know there are others who understand.