Tuesday, July 18, 2006

what my inner voice says.

my inner voice says that we can have happiness when we need to, which is right now.
my inner voice says we are divine and owe ourselves the recognition of that magnificent fact.
my inner voice says focus on the wonder and abundance of all of this.
my inner voice says smile and look people right in the eye as you speak to them.
my inner voice says love yourself first and powerfully then everything else will fall into place accordingly.
my inner voice is laughing now................................


Allison said...

My inner voice seems to share a lot in common with your inner voice. Lots of good thoughts here I see, and over at good ol' Tim's. I haven't visited either in awhile and I'm still catching up! Nice to see you over at OI too.

Take er easy :)

dr.alistair said...

allison, thanks for posting. the inner voice is one of love and abundance. there are those who can be still for long enough to hear, and there are those who have always heard a promise of all this.