Tuesday, July 18, 2006

an observation about abundance.

if you live near a highway or a city or a large factory then you cannot miss the simple fact that there is so much stuff piled up on the planet that we have built out of our imagination.
if you live out in the fields then you can plainly see that they stretch out and away for as far as the eye can see.
these are evidence of abundance that continues as we realise how many ants there are or flowers or trees or bricks in a building or screws in a deck or waves in the ocean. each of these things is created and witnessed by your nervous system.
isn`t it about time you cot focus in what you visualise?
someone saw the idea for a building and then drew plans that included each screw, brick and pot of paint needed to build the building.
and your car and your toaster and the airplane flying over your head.
and there are those who say there is no hope in thier lives and no job to do and no future for us all.
what planet are they looking at?

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